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Eviction of San Diego County Auctioned Properties
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San Diego County Auctioning Off Properties – New Owners May Need to Evict

If I buy a property from the County of San Diego’s auction of tax delinquent properties, will I have to evict the former tenant/owner?  The answer is maybe.

The county auctions present a unique opportunity for investors to pick up properties at a discount.  But the truth of the matter is that most property worth very much ends up not going to auction. The owners have up until a few days before the auction to pay of the taxes and save the property.  In most cases they do.  As a result, only 31 of the 200 properties originally on the auction list are still up for auction.

The properties that remain are largely barren land in Borrego Springs or land locked and fairly useless parcels throughout the county.

But 15 of the 31 remaining properties are owner occupied.

Any buyer of the owner occupied properties will either have to make a deal with the current owners through a cask for keys type of agreement OR file an eviction.  So if you buy, you will likely not be able to occupy the next day.

To find out more about the properties available, you can visit the San Diego County Treasurer – Tax Collector Website list of properties at http://www.sdtreastax.com/current-year-sale-parcel-list.html

This interview on KPBS Television’s “Evening Edition” with Dan McAllister, San Diego County’s treasurer-tax collector, is also informative.

If you purchase one of these owner occupied properties and need help getting rid of the former owner, give San Diego Eviction Attorney Steve Wedeking a call at 619-550-3881.

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