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Bankruptcy Attorney In San Diego – San Diego Chapter 13 Lawyer
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney In San Diego – San Diego Chapter 13 Lawyer – San Diego Foreclosure

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Diego allows individuals to reorganize their debts in order to better manage them. Under a Chapter 13 you actually repay your creditors under a plan. Over a period of three to five years, you will make a single payment to the bankruptcy trustee who will then distribute that payment to your creditors who are listed under the plan. After consulting a bankruptcy attorney in San Diego about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you keep your property and stop creditor harassment.


Our experienced team of San Diego bankruptcy lawyers can handle all your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 needs. Don’t wait another day to get your fresh start.

Call our office TODAY at 619.615.0767 or email us for a free consultation.

One of the caveats about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Diego is that you must be able to make the plan payments. In other words, you must have regular income and a maximum amount of debt. Chapter 13 is a reorganization, or as we like to call it, a proper way to consolidate debt. Instead of having to pay each of your creditors every month, you pay the trustee one payment, which is most likely going to be lower than what you were paying before. Further, if you are behind on your mortgage payments and facing foreclosure, you will be able to catch up on those payments and stop the foreclosure proceedings.

By seeking te help of a San Diego bankruptcy attorney, you will be able to stop creditor harassment, all collection efforts on your debts and any foreclosure proceedings against your property. It will also give you the opportunity to catch up on your late payments through manageable payments. Further, if the debt can be discharged under another chapter of the bankruptcy code it can be discharged in a Chapter 13 is San Diego.

One of the great advantages of a Chapter 13 is that you may be able to get rid of ALL junior loans on your property. If the value of your property is less than the total amount of the loans on the property the junior loans will be stripped by the bankruptcy court. Let’s look at an example. If your property is worth $200,000.00 and you have a $225,000.00 first mortgage, a $50,000.00 2nd mortgage and a $25,000.00 3rd mortgage, the 2nd and 3rd mortgages will be removed by the bankruptcy court. You will only owe $225,000.00 and you will only be upside down $25,000.00 rather than $100,000.00.

The purpose of seeking the advice of a San Diego bankruptcy attorney is to get of from under the financial mountain. The bankruptcy code was written to allow consumers just like you to get the fresh start they deserve. There is absolutely no shame in taking charge of your financial future. In fact, you will probably be more financially responsible after filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

At the Law Office of Harold D. Thompson we are real estate lawyers dedicated to handling all your San Diego real estate needs. Whether it is a foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, loan workout, loan modification or other real estate need, we will put our 35 years of experience behind your case. If you have a real estate issue that needs top-notched legal service call our San Diego real estate lawyers at 619.615.0767 or email us for a free consultation. Don’t let another day go by without competent, affordable legal representation. CALL TODAY!

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