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Category Archives: Home Sales

San Diego County Auctioning Off Properties – New Owners May Need to Evict

If I buy a property from the County of San Diego’s auction of tax delinquent properties, will I have to evict the former tenant/owner?  The answer is maybe. The county auctions present a unique opportunity for investors to pick up properties at a discount.  But the truth of the matter is that most property worth…

Housing Prices Expected to Drop In San Diego

San Diego Foreclosure Attorney According to Signonsandiego, housing prices in San Diego are expected to fall after 13 month increase in prices.  And the drop is expected to be significant – 9.6% for the first quarter of 2011.  That is way above the projected national average dip of 4.9%. One of the big problems?  Foreclosures…

San Diego Housing Market Predicted to be 1 of 10 Worst as Home Sales and Home Prices Continue to Fall

The housing news continues to not be very good here in San Diego.  Fortune has ranked San Diego #8 in its 10 Worst Real-Estate Markets for 2009 and predicts a 21.1% decline in the median price of a home in San Diego for 2009.  That is an expected $87,000.00 decline the median price of a…